Introducing Vibhu from kerala

Introducing Vibhu from kerala

Its been a terribly long time since weve kept up with the blogoshphere. Over a year and half to be precise. In that time lot has transpired all the way from small stepping stones to a few major milestones. Before we can cover the past year and forescast our possible trajectory/s going forward we wanted to introduce you to a tiny little wonder that came through our door. Every now and then some special people come your way, and it calls for pause and aknowledgment. On that note we will be dedicating our very first artist profile to  Vineet Vibhu who has spent a month living and working among us at roots. Vibhu wears many hats and has a spontaneous creativity that is rare. While here he has done paintings, one of a wall in our soon to be creative makerspace. I think we can officially say that this wall will be the very first feauture of The Wall Art Project that we have began. He has also done a couple wood carvings, created a roof structure for our reception area along with snazzy looking table that used a coupe upcycled pieces of wood from the premises. He also assisted in executing a painting w/ creative art work on the ceiling of our evolving makerspace! And last but certainly not least he is a fantastic musician bringing equal parts creativity towards his musical gymansitics expressed through an improvisational musical style called gibberish. His usual partners in crime are the djembe, congo, didgeridoo and morchang. His musical feel would best be described as earthy, rootsy and tribal.

So there you have it. Not everyday that a versatile gem like vibhu walks through your premises and offers his services with so much energy and grace. He is also a wonderful person to be around displaying humility and ease of being that is always welcome. Since his english and hindi are limited and he hasnt spread far beyond Kerala, we ask everyone to make an extra effort towards circulating his gifts.We also encourage people to send any other content, especially any musical clips of his, so we can build a strong profile. The rest of the blog will be a display of his work amongst a few other random snaps. Vibhus contact details will be shared soon. You can also get in touch with us if you would like to consult him.

2015-10-01 20.53.25

Vibhu created a work station for himself within the unused spaces by the stage. Many evenings we would congregate and make merry knowing that vibhu would not be around forever :)

2015-09-17 23.10.26

2015-09-17 23.23.17 Vibhu constructing the bamboo roof for our future reception area.

20150914_130237 20150914_1939342015-09-22 19.32.59


The roof was dressed with dry grass over a plastic sheet which was used for waterproofing

20150915_095711 20150915_142832 20150917_145041 20150917_212501 20150922_130627 20150923_134810 20150924_165800 20150924_180625


Finished Product!



During the construction of the table!

20151008_204320 20151012_143055


finished product!

Vibhu displaying some moghli style aerial acrobatics In a forest within Kerala ;)

A sample jam with Vibhu and co. featuring some improvised gibberish vocalizations. Is this akin to how our vocals would sound like if we were unencumbered by any learned language? This clip is the best we could find unfortunately. There should be more fleshed out solo performances of vibhu out there so please do send!

IMG-20151019-WA0010 20151014_235112 20151014_005755


Paisley pattern on pink background

IMG_6692.CR2 IMG_6699.CR2 IMG_6695.CR2


How the keyhole looked prior to painting


After Painting!


Twin City Theater and Cultural Festival


unnamed unnamed (1)

This is why Mallik opened his doors two years ago, I’d think to myself as I watched over the event from above. The ground floor was covered with bodies all seated around the stage.

A young man with dark earth skin, dressed in a long red kurta spoke out to the crowd from the stage. I couldn’t make out what he was saying. I hadn’t learned hindi, yet. But I read his body, the emotion of his voice. It was dark outside. And a yellow, reddish light lit up the stage, his face.

I hadn’t seen Roots this alive and full, so many new-young faces.

“I’ve counted a hundred heads” one of the main organizers from Twin City Theater Festival would inform me.

I was joyful, excited. In just a day Twin City Theater Festival had transformed our space. They’d decorated our walls and garden with Art.  And our co-working space had been altered into a small textile market.

This would go down in my notes, another example of the fascinating potential of an Open Space. So much can happen just by the simple act of opening your doors and letting your community bring it to life. All it takes is having the capacity to let go and trust the outside world, realizing that maybe you don’t have all the answers. And do they bring answers. Answers to questions you didn’t even think existed.

And that night, as the light lit up our stage and I was invited to sing, acoustic, about how we’re all literally from the same universe, it dawned upon me. It didn’t really matter where you were on Earth. If you wanted progress, joy, happiness etc. you could make it happen no matter where you are.

As I got off the stage, my feat against the pavement of the community floor, my heart recognized a penetrating yester year of sing and dance and truth.

BY Natale Danko




Here’s a post from The Hindu that gives us the much needed traction and push we were looking for! An excellent article though one that needs mentioning of some changes.

The 2nd floor will be Roots and Unltd Hyd office/planning space. This floor will also host a digital detox silent room in the back and an informal meeting area on the front balcony. Movie screenings and theater performances will more strictly happen on the 1st floor during non working hours while the ground floor will be designated mainly for musicians. Workshops and events will happen throughout the premises on a per availability basis. The terrace will be designated for visual art and jugaad–an environmentally sensitive means of creating art by upcycling waste materials. Once our outdoor stage is ready it will host just about anything that is aligned with our mission. Apart from the garden, store and cafe we also have a freecycle space and bike and tool sharing program we are looking forward to (the freecycle is currently open and accessible). While each space is designated for certain specialties it is open to mixing and merging with other departments (ie. artists painting in music space). The only exception to this rule is the Co-working Space during designated business hours. Coliving will aslo be emphasized throughout the premises.

All in all we are an open environment that sculpts itself based upon participant input and we would like to take suggestions in making our space economically and ecologically sustainable. Think of it as a social sculpture! Right now we are in search of a full fledged curatory and management team along with advisory board. For more information give us a call or shoot us an email. Happy new year!

Global Sustainability Jam Hyderabad (Nov 23-24)


2013-11-23 12.49.04

Roots hosted this years Sustainability Jam in Hyderabad. An event of global scale, the jam was conducted in upto 60 countries with frequent twitter updates throughout the network along with skype sessions between participants of different cities. India itself had 4 cities participating with Hyderabad playing host for the first time since the 5 or 6 years of  the jams inception!

The Sustainability jam happened immediately after the finish of the co-working floor and was an interesting experiment foreshadowing the type of climate we wish to expect on that floor and throughout the premises. While this event was a single time affair that happened globally we would like to envision our space becoming a more permanent base and outlet for people to hack the urgent and pressing issues that we are witness to. Now lets get the momentum to build!

Here is the event as featured in the Hindu..

2013-11-23 11.04.03

Raj Janagam Introduction to Roots


1463647_660246474015877_1928231235_n Jammers congregate on 2nd floor to flesh out their Idea/s


Solutions, solutions, solutions!!


Some jammers slacking off on the second floor..


Unveiling : Part 1


As a lead up to the opening of our Music Studio we have a few things gestating in preparation for that day. This moment will be a milestone for us as our music and performing arts collective has been gaining traction and we are in the process of officiating our ground floor along these lines. As we progress forward we will be releasing a four part music production the guys have been working on. As the parts progress we will be gradually moving towards the official day where we will  also host a world cafe regarding how and what to hack as it relates to our stories surrounding creative expression. This day will also bear witness to the  unleashing of our rasta baby along with a defragmentation jam and other goodies. Stay tuned! Below is part 1 of the 4 part musical.

2013-09-28 16.17.49

Neel ( percussion on a didgeridoo! Part 1 of music video). Neels son Yuvraj in magnifiying glass (boy in video)


Ginny Arora (sound editing and didg part 1 of music video)


Vittalacharya Vandavasu (Vocals, part 1)