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Mere Haule Dost


One of the great highlights of our stay at roots was having our space turned into a movie set (July-August). The first day of the shoot happened to coincide with the same day that me and Dilip returned from our little Indian pilgrimage up north where we conceived a chalk full of new ideas for the space. The presence of a wider community on the premises had only reignited our spirits. Many of the cast and crew were people who are either directly or indirectly associated with Roots.

Official trailer

The movie will be premiering this march in London at the Asian film festival and make a grand release throughout major indian cities this June under the PVR banner. Make sure to check out their website and like them on Facebook. You can learn more about the movie here. Exciting stuff indeed!


Seeding (circa august 10, 2012)


It was atleast 6 months since our occupying of the 2nd floor and terrace of our charming Roots building. Though things were moving slowly the evacuation of the first floor and plans for converting it into an acoustically amplified wall-less public space had planted some seeds of hope. We were in our second live-in community experiment at roots. Our first stampede of a community experiment had revealed how little experienced we were at this mammoth but enduring task. This time we had many fellow mumbaites residing with us besides a few exceptions. It proved to be more laudable than the first dabble but still reflected the long journey in which we were but just crawling infants. The garden, still postponed due to a search for the right moment and the right design, had all but created frustration in some of our founding members. So as to temporarily quell our vexation, and to take advantage of the monsoon rains, we seeded a temporary makeshift garden with green leafy vegetables and some gourds. Giving due grace to shakti, the force of creation, we invited the elder women within our immediate community to partake in the seeding ritual. For the first time old and young had converged at roots and it was only the beginning of exciting times to come!


Fenugreek (methi), Amaranth (tottakura), Spinach (Palak), Coriander (kothmir)



Panchkavya (Natural pest repellant and growth stimulant) pictured: Lalitha


Vamsi was our longest rooted member


Dilip worked with roots for 3 months


Friendly Neighbors


Gourds against wall (pumpkin, squash, snake gourd, bitter gourd)


The gourds never managed to manifest due to a combination of factors 😦


Last but certainly not least, the month heralded the arrival of two new puppies and a kitten. With all hands on deck, and more than just some gnarly humans to account for, roots was taking on a life of its own…