Biodiversity Festival (October)


As a lead up to the Biodiversity Festival we had a visit from a special guest. My German friend Susanna, who I had the good fortune of knowing while in San Francisco, managed to finally make it to India. She had arrived with her partner from Berlin. Always unusual meeting old friends in new settings!


We also finally managed to get our security system figured out but this soon came to be ill managed a :p


The time before, during and after the Biodiversity Festival was a chaos. We were something inbetween a flooded guest house and an Intentional Community. Still very much in the midst of learning, we were running our experiments and this festival offered us a big opportunity. Perhaps for the first time we had some 20 visitors or so at roots. Lots of internal congestion unfolded within our teamย  and a lack of communication along w/ perceived factionalism manifested. At the end of the day we pulled it off fairly well, the 4 days went through and a lot of interesting lessons were learned. For one thing, it served as a triggering point to get ourself on the map and affirm our existence. Its always nice to be able to plug into a qualified network from which we can draw upon and engage. Overall,where we triumphed was in our youth and originality despite our amateurish standing.


Wishall our Upcyclist friend from Udaipur. He played a lead role in our set design ๐Ÿ™‚


A snippet we played that relates the Biodiversity crisis to our Monetary System. For better or worst we were the few ones utilizing tech and cross referencing!

Here is the link to the video



We exchanged vegan energy ladoos for postings of peoples “sweet” dreams..


Before you know it the laddoos were ravaged and we had a wall full of peoples personal ambitions ๐Ÿ˜‰


Our good friend Joon Shabbir from Mumbai.


Gnom, gnom, gnom…


Its always delightful to withness the ripples and serendipity events like these create. We ended making 3 friends that are now linked with roots and whose continued correspondence has bee priceless. Black Jacket (Samuel Sanjeev from the rock works foundation) Glasses (vivek oak who is a computer wiz, holistic thinker and roots website enabler ๐Ÿ˜‰ Hat (Shika Gandhi, a Seasoned Journalist)


Every play has its unsung hero. Raja was ours. Being the unabashed networking champ that he is, he managed to reel in many people to our stall…


Raja Rajnish Pratap Singh Ratour


Raja also broke out in hives on one of the evenings. A malady he attributes to a magical spell cast by shriram, one of our empowered team members..



The place wouldn’t have been the same without yours truly,ย  Vandana Shiva

The place was adorned with Tribals and Adivasis. The “for the people” vibe was indeed palpable..

IMG_5839ย  IMG_5846 IMG_5847 IMG_5851 IMG_5852

Our Forest friends Rene and Richa had showed up once again. They had a stall adjacent to us and were representing Botanical gardens from Auroville.


Seated: Raphael and Rene


Acharya, Rene, Natale


Richa Bhagel


IMG_5890 IMG_5892

And last but not least we brought in a musical element to the place. While maybe disturbing to some stalls for when we played at the wrong hours, music has that effect of making everything alright and priceless. No ad campaigns, no persuasion, just straight up unfiltered music ๐Ÿ˜‰


Dulip Lobo and Rishab Mansanta

IMG_0508ย  22523_3684181837185_22092187_n

And last but not least, The wiki from that evening..


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