Change.. (late nov, 2012)


The end of November witnessed 2 marked changes at roots. The Departing of our 2 original dogs and the leave of Natale to Canada. Unfortunately the dogs died of some natural causes still unknown to us. We made the mistake of showing them over to govt veteranarian hospital rather than a Private vet. On the morning of 25 Nov both were found breathless within the entrance of our building. RIP Roots and Shoots..


Roots and shoots grave site

image_1351752514249047 63091_3817011197836_4407423_n

Natales 2 month stay at roots served a crucial role in getting us out of a slump. Her fabulous energy served as just the catalyst that roots was needing at the time. She had to leave for Canada because of a limited toursit visa. She is scheduled to come back in January so lets hope for new and refreshed arrival. You can find more about her on her blog


Natale Danko



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