Garden + Food Sovereignty (August 12′ to Present)


One of the biggest aspirations at roots has been local food cultivation and consumption and establishing connections with our local ecosystem. Its been an ongoing effort to get our terrace and kitchen habitats to thrive and working in alignment with permaculture principles. One day we hope to serve as a demonstration site and resource hubs for people with similar intentions within the neighborhood and beyond. Here are displays of the progress we have made so far. The pics are not arranged in chronological order.


Half done version of one of the keyhole beds


we made some benches from the cocunut trees that our neighbors had felled


Theres Plans for a rock climbing wall where one harvests veggies as they climb. Hope we can make full utilization of the south facing exposure and vertical space.


A shed we wish to dedicate towards a Freecycle ( store while the adjacent shed will be used for a store dedicated towards fair trade ecofriendly products


all the trunks from cocunut trees felled by our neighbors we managed to deposit in one area


The branches form the felled cocunut trees were temporarily deposited on the sheds and later used as mulch for the hugelkutur (images coming soon) bed that we made..


most recent pic with hugelkultur bed on right


Herb Spiral


Compost Pit


Heap of Red Soil that has been sitting around for ages. Now belongs to the Huglekultur bed. Pictured : Meni


Garden on Oppostite side. Will tend to it until the first one is fully established.


Custard Apple


@ a nearby cafe. Up cycled cylinders turned into seats. Some inspiration for outdoor seating in potential cafe space..


cocunut trunks that were eventually used for the huglekultur bed and benches


inspiration for the cocunut seats we had made..


neighbors yard..

IMG_0845 IMG_0868 IMG_0871 IMG_1122 IMG_1127 IMG_1144 IMG_1159 IMG_1175 IMG_1538 IMG_1539 IMG_0275 IMG_0276 IMG_0669 IMG_0802 IMG_0818 IMG_0819 IMG_0968


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