Intentional Community?


Being nicely nestled in between one of the greenest surroundings in the city and having a well partitioned bungalow layout made Roots a perfect place for an urban based intentional community. So what is an Intentional community exactly. According to Wikipedia “the purposes of intentional communities vary in different communities. They may include sharing resources, creating family-oriented neighborhoods and living ecologically sustainable lifestyles (ecovillages). Many intentional communities focus on the importance of living and sharing life together, as opposed to the perceived trend of independence in Western culture.” See

Though originally intended to take on this track Roots has morphed into many things often times making its basis a bit foggy. As of now  theres a whole smorgsboard of terms that determine it. Hacker space, maker space, intentional community, coliving, coworking are all good candidates for what Roots has been evolving toward. However, all these words can cause so much confusion!!! To me all of these are not mutually exclusive though they have individual strains that distinguish them. Ultimately when your placemaking it is often times hard to deduce what the place will be but whatever the final product is will  hopefully be some type of hybrid of all the aforementioned, a unique creation unto itself. The process of discovery is whats so beautiful. Lets let it unfold!


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