Music and Art (oct 2012- Present)


“If art is to nourish the roots of our culture, society must set the artist free to follow his vision wherever it takes him.”

John F. Kennedy

From the start weve built our foundations upon engaging the muse. Music and art have been pillars and we would like to reengage in what the tools and narratives for creative expression mean within our society. We also like to engage in art with utility which extends the scope on how we perceive art.

These two videos are of my first glimpses of Neel, who is now our mainstay resident and facilitator within the music dept. This was taken at a friends house where upon I first saw him perform and that too without any personal introduction. Right away I knew, being in the bharat and all, this was the musical grounding I would like to see at roots. The form of music we wish to establish here is rooted in indian traditional genres which we wish to fuse with other western and non western elements while maintaining an experimental edge. Neel, with his nativity and versatility made for the perfect candidate so i cast a wish of having someone like him happen at roots. Just a mere wish I made turned into reality couple months later (I never even made a request). Our mutual friend, manvji (drummer in video)  asked me if I can take Neel and his family in as coliving participants and he said they would be a useful community addition. Without any hesitation I knew it was a fit. For me it was as if a wish came true just by merely intending it 🙂

2013-09-28 01.55.08

Another individual I met on the same day I first saw neel was Aman. Bumped into him at Lamakaan and we had immediately connected so I invited him to Sailajas place since I thought he should meet Manavji. Luckily this was the same day I got my first glimpse of Neel playing w/ manavji (video above). What an alignment that day was! Aman is easily one of the most fascinating people I have ever met and it is impossible to describe him. But since were talking music here let me tell you that Aman is also seasoned musician with particular expertise in guitar. Me, neel and Aman have grown close in the following months and are part of burgeoning support network. We wish to see him in a proactive role here at roots!

2013-09-28 01.53.55

Pictured above Neel and the boys formed a makeshift band during the summer. Mainly composed of tradtional folk songs, the did a gig at Lamakaan. I also got to fill in a thing or two about Roots. Left to right: Neel, Vittalacharya, Rahul, Akhil, Sudipto… Here is a piece from Times of India written about the groups formation


Additionaly, the boys had a performance at Saptaparni. This time they were joined by mrithangam player Harikaka from calcutta!

2013-09-20 21.52.39 2013-09-20 21.50.58 2013-09-20 21.41.55

Pictured above: Guys practicing on ground floor (The foundation) for an upcoming gig.


On of our first defragmentation jams. A platform where musicians from varying backgrounds get together and collaborate while most importanly finding connection through jamming.


Dilip Lobo


Akhila Brahmandam


Nishad Kapoor


Mallik Posanipalli


Sneha Rooh


Azeer Atarri


Azeer Attari


Mallik Posanipalli


Richa Bhagel



2013-10-08 00.54.02

Domnic Anthony

2013-10-08 00.55.21

Domnic Anthony..

Above are Some wall paintings along with ppls individual creations. Location: “The womb” Our art space on the terrace

IMG_1355 IMG_1359 IMG_1362

A cafe down the street that uses upcycled material- reusing material to make utility items with an edge 😉 ….reused items include tires, cut cylinders and yes even leftovers from a scooter.

IMG_1435 IMG_1442 IMG_1444 IMG_1466 IMG_1468

We also had a in house resident artist staying with us for awhile. He took a particular inclination towards sand art (depicted above). Below you can also see his live sand art contributions (links) he made while at Roots.  

2013-08-31 00.36.50

Weaving our charpois, Traditional India beds. We also had these made in a format that is space saving by constructing one bed to fit beneath another with a total of 3 beds stacked vertically.

2013-08-31 00.38.17 2013-08-31 00.38.52


Our very own upcycled chandelier we made out of cocunut fronds. We also varnished the fronds to give them some preservation and allure. they are currently hung throughout our second floor workspace. I like to call them junkyard chandeliers!


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