earlier days


Roots officially came into existence as of january  2012 (approximation). The first 6 months we lived in the thrall of just having an open space. Most of our activites were not too directed or focused but just being  inspired by cohabitation. We were much more like a guest house in gestation becoming something else.


At our friend Sailajas place/. This was back when Mallik, Azeer, WIshall and Rachana were staying @ roots.


Meni Was sent to us around June by our good friend Nina Osswald


Our first communal potluck (pictured from left to right: mallik posanipalli, Nina Osswald, Shailaja Karanam, Dilip Lobo, Shefali Mendon, Sneha Rooh



Below is a sample of a brochure that was made by Muralidhar Acharya. We are not actively pursuing all the contents of the brochure as of yet though we have dabbled with a seva cafe or two. Created around jan of 2013 hopefully one day we can bear witness to all of these magnificent intentions 🙂

Roots Leaflet (2)


One of our earlier posters w/ tagline courtesy of Team Domnic Anthony & Joon Shabbir



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