Millet Workshop: Learn-Cook-Taste (Circa July 2013)


Shyam who heads Jiva Organics  conducted his first millets workshop at Roots. The workshop was hands on with a cooked shared lunch as well as an awareness based presentation (see Powerpoint) Millets have innumerable benefits and have been part of the local staple diet until recently. Easy to grow, organic and suprisingly nutritious they are amazing substitutes for common cereals (please see attached pdf for a point by point comparison in slide 6).


21470_410416229075159_876743703_n 603352_410416322408483_199720634_n 999868_410416299075152_571327041_n 1001213_410416405741808_1719737964_n 1003185_410416449075137_584360916_n

Another amazing emergence in Hyderabad is recent debut of a Millets based Restaurant by the name of Ahaar Kuteer, located in Begumpet, here are some additional pics I took upon my visit. Now whoever said progress is a slow process?

2013-09-06 18.00.53 2013-09-06 18.00.38 2013-09-06 17.56.53 2013-09-06 17.56.48-3 2013-09-06 17.57.12-2


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