Place Making in Hyderabad



Any pioneering effort can arouse lots of cynicism. Ive often heard that what were doing is impractical, not “possible” within the narrowly defined limits of our surrounds. Ive heard friends and family tell me that california is a safe haven for these experiments.

Luckily the red carpet has already been laid out in hyderabad. Its very comforting that this trend is already apparent and thriving thanks to a few pioneer species who have already done the footwork in proving a concept thats not stifled by limitations. While each effort differs in its own way we are all here in the spirit of restoring the commons in whatever varied form. The following article is an ode to these oasis’.

You can Find the full length article here.

Swathi Sucharita from Times of India says, “Hyderabad is witnessing an upsurge of intimate, cultural spaces created by individuals, not spurred by commerce, who feel the imperative need for nurturing such ‘thinking’ spaces in any healthy society”

Here Is a video by our friend from over at “our Sacred Space” describing her journey. She came back after a 13 year stint In Berkeley, California. You can find more details about her in the article above as well. You go girl!!


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