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Host for our Coworking Space Required


Come one come all! we are not far off from kickstarting our coworking space on the 1st floor. Here is a sample on the emerging trend towards Coworking spaces. Now to only extrapolate this data to fit Hyderabad! Attached below are the requirements for our Host..

Host _qualification


Some Educational Resources


Here are some links containing additional hyperlinks to feast on. How do we bring these to prevalence in Hyd is one pressing question. Enjoy!

Generation Y guide to Collaborative Consumption

7 ways to live like an ecovillager

Also please support the campaign from the folks over at Project Nuevo Muendo. We would one day like to bring this Odyssey over to India!

Unveiling : Part 1


As a lead up to the opening of our Music Studio we have a few things gestating in preparation for that day. This moment will be a milestone for us as our music and performing arts collective has been gaining traction and we are in the process of officiating our ground floor along these lines. As we progress forward we will be releasing a four part music production the guys have been working on. As the parts progress we will be gradually moving towards the official day where we will  also host a world cafe regarding how and what to hack as it relates to our stories surrounding creative expression. This day will also bear witness to the  unleashing of our rasta baby along with a defragmentation jam and other goodies. Stay tuned! Below is part 1 of the 4 part musical.

2013-09-28 16.17.49

Neel ( percussion on a didgeridoo! Part 1 of music video). Neels son Yuvraj in magnifiying glass (boy in video)


Ginny Arora (sound editing and didg part 1 of music video)


Vittalacharya Vandavasu (Vocals, part 1)