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Global Sustainability Jam Hyderabad (Nov 23-24)


2013-11-23 12.49.04

Roots hosted this years Sustainability Jam in Hyderabad. An event of global scale, the jam was conducted in upto 60 countries with frequent twitter updates throughout the network along with skype sessions between participants of different cities. India itself had 4 cities participating with Hyderabad playing host for the first time since the 5 or 6 years of  the jams inception!

The Sustainability jam happened immediately after the finish of the co-working floor and was an interesting experiment foreshadowing the type of climate we wish to expect on that floor and throughout the premises. While this event was a single time affair that happened globally we would like to envision our space becoming a more permanent base and outlet for people to hack the urgent and pressing issues that we are witness to. Now lets get the momentum to build!

Here is the event as featured in the Hindu..

2013-11-23 11.04.03

Raj Janagam Introduction to Roots


1463647_660246474015877_1928231235_n Jammers congregate on 2nd floor to flesh out their Idea/s


Solutions, solutions, solutions!!


Some jammers slacking off on the second floor..