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Here’s a post from The Hindu that gives us the much needed traction and push we were looking for! An excellent article though one that needs mentioning of some changes.

The 2nd floor will be Roots and Unltd Hyd office/planning space. This floor will also host a digital detox silent room in the back and an informal meeting area on the front balcony. Movie screenings and theater performances will more strictly happen on the 1st floor during non working hours while the ground floor will be designated mainly for musicians. Workshops and events will happen throughout the premises on a per availability basis. The terrace will be designated for visual art and jugaad–an environmentally sensitive means of creating art by upcycling waste materials. Once our outdoor stage is ready it will host just about anything that is aligned with our mission. Apart from the garden, store and cafe we also have a freecycle space and bike and tool sharing program we are looking forward to (the freecycle is currently open and accessible). While each space is designated for certain specialties it is open to mixing and merging with other departments (ie. artists painting in music space). The only exception to this rule is the Co-working Space during designated business hours. Coliving will aslo be emphasized throughout the premises.

All in all we are an open environment that sculpts itself based upon participant input and we would like to take suggestions in making our space economically and ecologically sustainable. Think of it as a social sculpture! Right now we are in search of a full fledged curatory and management team along with advisory board. For more information give us a call or shoot us an email. Happy new year!