Roots seeks to establish and promote a life that creates harmony within ourselves,  with each other and the living earth

Our Mission is to create a beautiful and inspiring space that encourages sustainable practices and facilitates sharing, collaboration and creativity.

Sustainable practices that we wish to integrate and include are local food cultivation, zero waste off the grid practices, nature based restorative work, yoga and meditation along with conscious cooking, NVC and Restorative circles.. We will reinforce sharing and collaboration through proven practices of gift based economics and exchange while forming synergy and productivity of diverse parties via the utilization of a Coworking & makerspace. We will do this all within the context of initiating projects that activate long term solutions. To add a dimension of creativity, imagination and zest we will also place emphasis on art based healing activities such as Music, visual arts, martial arts, dance and theater.  We would like to also particularly emphasize the integration of prevailing sociocultural conditions into our design.

Focus Areas: Sustainable living, Independent Arts, Holistic Lifestyle, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Alternative Education



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