an unusual visit (April 25th, 2013)


Perhaps, one of the most befuddling instances at roots was the arrival of two very identical looking pups exactly 5 months after the demise of Roots and Shoots.  april 25th for me marked the return of Roots and Shoots ableit this time they were both males. These two dogs both walk up to my second floor balcony and greet me like a good ol’ timer. No fear just a endearing approach towards me while glaring at me in the eyes. What baffles me is that stray dogs never even walk into the premises no less walk up two floors to unabashedly feel at home. 5 months to the date of the passing of roots and shoots im faced with two identical looking dogs of same size and stature greeting my at my doorstep. As sentiment would have it, I decided to keep them and saw the as an unresolved responsibility. I asked my friend srinu who lives on the premises if he ever saw these dogs before and suprisingly tells me he noticed them at the old dogs gravesite nearby. So taking the cue I decided to call them Roots and Shoots once again. Roots is still with us today going into october, healthy and strong, but unfortunately Shoots is no longer with us as he suffered and expired from canine distemper few weeks after his arrival to our space.

Another interesting tidbit was the fact that Natale left within a week of the first dogs dying. Following the arrival of the new pair we had a different Natalie arrive a week later to come stay at roots.  She had come with her friend Tatjiana and both were visiting from Germany. The entire correlation of events was perhaps the most perplexing sense of dejavu I have ever experienced!

Pictured below: Our dog

dog dog2


Natalie with Neels son (yuvraj) and daughter (Chubby Chuppi)




A pic taken within a week of the new dogs arriving. Cant remember whether this was roots or shoots..



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